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COVID-19 Protocols

Ensuring the health and safety of our students and staff while providing a Gillen Brewer education remains at the heart of all decision making. Gillen Brewer School welcomed all students and staff back to full time in-person learning starting 4/8/21. Gillen Brewer has analyzed many scenarios and has taken into consideration the Federal and State Guidelines, Department of Health requirements, the school’s physical building and surrounding area, staff and parent surveys and feedback, and the needs of the students we serve. 

Updated September 2021

  • We are pleased to announce that all of Gillen Brewer’s staff are fully vaccinated. Going forward, we will require vaccination of any new staff coming onboard so that our 100% vaccination rate among staff is maintained.
  • The NYSDOH continues to require that everyone wears masks indoors in schools, and GBS will continue to comply with this requirement at all times.
  • The NYSDOH has allowed for masks to be taken off outdoors while visiting our Rooftop Playground and community playgrounds as well as during specific activities such as water play. The school will allow this going forward while closely monitoring all student activities from a hygiene standpoint in order to ensure the health and safety of the community. Students will have a sanitary place to store their mask individually and staff will have extras on hand. Masks will be put back on before students leave each activity and/or reentering the building.
  • All unvaccinated individuals will be tested 1x/week via a school-based PCR testing program. We will monitor and track the results of any physician-ordered testing, and any individual awaiting the results of a physician-ordered test must stay out pending the results. 
  • Daily health screening via ParentLocker will be required for all individuals, including students and staff. The school will not conduct temperature scans upon entry. As always, students with symptoms of illness are not permitted to attend school.
  • If you have traveled internationally, please contact our Supervising School Nurse, Marissa Levy.
  • As always, these policies are subject to change if numbers in the community spike or new research emerges showing elevated risk to children.


Health and Safety

Social-Emotional Well Being


The COVID-19 Task Force

Gillen Brewer has created a COVID-19 Task Force to analyze all of the factors that need to be considered for safely operating in the school building.  The COVID-19 Task Force consults with various experts and professionals in their relevant areas collecting data that focuses on several areas including legal, medical, business, building, environment, transportation, and sanitization. We have created a reopening manual with a clear plan that ensures the safety and health of our families and staff and takes into consideration our neighbors. In addition, we are in regular communication with the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees regarding all aspects of this crisis so that they are able to support the school in making necessary decisions. We are committed to providing the Gillen Brewer academic-therapeutic experience, and our first priority is the safety of our community.