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Private Special Education Preschool Elementary School Near Me: Gillen Brewer School

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"It is clear you have created a wonderfully safe community for your students which allows them to experience success academically, socially, and emotionally. There is no surprise in learning that the number of students being educated at Gillen Brewer has grown throughout the years in light of the wonderful, individualized curriculum you provide. "
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We believe that children learn best in an environment where they feel safe and accepted and where learning is fun.

Our language arts curriculum incorporates both a balanced literacy program and a multi-sensory, phonetically based approach to reading and writing. Our multi-sensory approach to math encourages students to learn math through "hands-on" projects. Manipulatives and visuals aid children in learning concepts and help them to understand how to use these concepts in their lives.

Special Education - Technology and Skill Advancements

Technology plays an increasingly more important role in our education program. Teachers and children have access to SMART Boards, Google Chromebooks, iPads and more to supplement instruction. Children are provided developmentally appropriate instruction in the use of the computer and the internet. Computer games are used to reinforce skills taught in math and reading, while other programs are used to teach keyboarding skills and enhance writing and research.

Private School for Special Needs Children curriculum
Child participating in special needs programs.


Arts Curriculum

Arts play a valuable role at Gillen Brewer. Music and art give children another way to express themselves and gain a better appreciation of the arts. Our classes take advantage of the city's rich and varied cultural institutions by attending museums, theaters and parks and by inviting artists, dancers and musicians to come into our school to share their experiences with us.

Science Curriculum

Our science curriculum is inquiry-based, meaning that the students learn how to ask their own questions about a topic or material and do their own experiments to find the answers. All projects involve hands-on interactions with either the living world or the physical environment, and emphasize enthusiastic student exploration. Units of study are chosen based on students’ interests and developmental levels while following modified New York State standards.

Sports Program

Our association with the Asphalt Green sports program gives our children an opportunity to take part in swimming, gymnastics, soccer, basketball, martial arts, yoga and floor hockey.

Social and Emotional Development

In conjunction with our strong academic program, we also emphasize the social and emotional development of each child through explicit instruction around relationship building, social communication skills training and problem solving.