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Private Special Education Preschool Elementary School Near Me: Gillen Brewer School

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Music appreciation is fostered through carefully chosen folk and traditional songs and musical games from various cultures. These activities support learning opportunities that can lead to a foundation of basic musical terms and concepts. Nursery rhymes, finger plays, composed music, improvisation, singing, instrumental and movement activities, and dramatic music plays are the primary sources used to enjoy music intelligently and support the Gillen Brewer curriculum. The voice and body are used as the main instruments, with singing as the primary musical activity.

Songs and activities typically contain various visual, audio, and physical elements meant to stimulate, serve, and confirm each child’s strength. Children are encouraged to participate in their own way. They can be given the option to sing, improvise, play instruments, show hand signs that represent the words, simply hum the melody, or move their bodies to represent the musical elements.

A child’s motivation to participate in music can come from within the activity, whether it is a desire to play in an upcoming "musical game" or get a turn on an instrument. Through group activities such as structured instrumental pieces or musical games, the child becomes invested in the quality of his/her contribution to a musical piece and also the quality of the group’s musical effort and accomplishment.