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Meet the PA Co-Chairs

Dear Families,
We are happy to introduce ourselves as the co-chairs of the
2017-2018 Gillen Brewer School Parents’ Association.

I’m Carrie Paden Rengifo on the left, mom of Isa. Isa is 6 years old and this year is her 4th year at Gillen Brewer. I remember her 1st year, thinking how excited I was for her because I knew how unique the school is. Four years later, it’s been an amazing journey to see her learn and progress as much as she has, in such a safe and nurturing environment. The support that Tony and I receive from the faculty is unparalleled. This is why we want to be a part of the Gillen Brewer school community.

Hi! I'm Jennifer Turner on the right, mom of Sophia. Sophia is a bubbly 4-year-old girl and this is her second year at Gillen Brewer. This past year has been unbelievable. Sophia started in September just putting 2-3 words together. Today, she can talk to me in full sentences. My heart fills with joy when she can tell me how happy she is that she can go to the roof and play with her friends. Gillen Brewer has given us the opportunity to understand how to help our daughter best. We are very grateful to have all the support Sophia needs, at a school that goes above and beyond to give the right support she requires. At Gillen Brewer we know we are not alone and we are thankful to be part of such an amazing community.

Every Gillen Brewer parent is a member of the school's Parents' Association (PA). The Parents' Association is led by two co-chairs and a leadership team. A group of ten parent volunteers act as Class Representatives (one for each class), providing significant services for the school including assistance with programmatic initiatives and fundraising activities. We’d like to take a moment to acknowledge and thank the rest of the PA leadership:

Benefit Co-Chairs: Claudine O’Rourke & Dara Ramboyong
Book Fair Chair: Tiffany Zerillo
Merchandise Co-Chairs: Jodi Goldman, Lisa Markowski, Tamara Rosenthal
Fundraising Committee Chair: Beth Saunders

Fall Family Fun Day and Winter Family Fun Day are two of Gillen Brewer’s best events-- free weekend activities that include the whole family! Like many others, these events are run entirely by PA volunteers, and won’t be possible without your support. We seek a team of four volunteers to help run these wonderful events. Thank you to Meredith Lee for volunteering to be one of them! We need three people to join her. If you are interested in helping to run Fall or Winter Family Fun Day, please let us know. If you are interested in serving as a Class Representative, working on the Book Fair, joining the Fundraising Committee, or joining the Benefit Committee, we would love to have you on board! Just let us know.

We look forward to working with you in the coming year to bring wonderful friend-raising and fundraising activities to Gillen Brewer.


Carrie Paden Rengifo & Jennifer Turner
Parents' Association Co-Chairs

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