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Turning 5: Your Child's Options and Rights in 2024

Turning 5: Your Child's Options and Rights in 2024
Hosted by The Gillen Brewer School


On Wednesday, November 1st at 6:30 p.m., Sarah Birnbaum, of New York Special Needs Support, will team up with Dr. David Salsberg, PsyD, to offer a kindergarten transition workshop hosted by Gillen Brewer School.

Click HERE to register for the talk on November 1st. 

Does your child receive preschool special education services? Will he or she enter kindergarten in the fall of 2024?

What kind of elementary program will be right for your child? What are your rights and options?

This presentation is aimed at families of children born in 2019 and starting kindergarten in fall 2024 and will cover topics such as:

  • Learning your educational options, public and private
  • Obtaining the best evaluations and guidance
  • Finding an appropriate kindergarten program
  • Understanding your legal rights
  • Advocating and creating an IEP for your child at your Turning 5 meeting

"Beyond invaluable. I feel empowered and informed now, so I can be my child's best advocate."
-Parent Feedback, Spring 2020 Presentation 



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