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GBS Wins Gold and Bronze 2023 Brilliance Awards!

GBS Wins Gold and Bronze 2023 Brilliance Awards!
Hosted by The Gillen Brewer School

Gillen Brewer School is thrilled to announce it is a recipient of the 2023 Inspired Brilliance Awards!

The Brilliance Awards are sponsored by InspirED School Marketers, a community that provides

“brilliant ideas and brain food” for private school administrators worldwide.

The entries were judged by a volunteer panel of 88 marketing experts from around the world who are professionals in private schools or businesses that specialize in private school marketing.

The entries were scored on originality, persuasiveness, copy/script/dialog, visual elements, execution, and overall appeal.

GBS took home both a gold and bronze award for the 2023 blog posts authored by Director of Middle School & Enrollment, Amy Salomon, as part of her series "Through Amy's Eyes."  

We are honored to be recognized and to be a prominent voice in the field of special education. 

Congratulations to author, Amy, and the entire school! 

Scroll down to read remarks from the judges, as well as the award-winning blog posts! 

Gold Winner: The Power of Social Stories

"This was incredibly touching and a wonderful guide for parents who know they'll be going through something similar with their children. While it was a personal story, I enjoyed how it tied into the school's mission. " - BA Judge

In this piece, Amy recounts how a social story helped her daughter Jessie cope with the loss of a grandparent and explains why social stories are a useful tool at Gillen Brewer. 

(Pictured: Amy's daughter, Jessie, and father, Mike)


  Click Here to Read the Full Piece  



Bronze Winner: The First Day of School 

"I love the personal perspective the author was able to add to the blog. I was emotional reading it " - BA Judge

In this piece, Amy describes the first day of school at Gillen Brewer and how the school's dedication to an integrated, individualized approach can be seen, even at 8:15 a.m. She ties this into her own experience sending her kids off on their first days of school over the years. 

(Pictured: Amy's daughter, Jessie, on the first day of school)


  Click Here to Read the Full Piece 


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