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Audrey Halpern: Head of the Psychology Department
Audrey Halpern: Head of the Psychology Department
As Dr. Audrey Halpern enters her 14th year working as a psychologist at Gillen Brewer, she could not be more thrilled to take on her new position as the Head of the Psychology Department. Audrey is passionate about the mission of the department: promoting the social and emotional health and well-being of the Gillen Brewer community, which encompasses the students, families and staff.

The Psychology Department does this by providing students with individual and group therapy, both in and out of the classroom; offering consultation, training and support to staff; and partnering with parents and caregivers. One of Audrey's favorite things about working at Gillen Brewer is the opportunity to be a part of a community of learners; a place where all are curious, dedicated and passionate about the work they do and the students and families they serve, and everyone has the chance to learn from one another. She relishes the knowledge she has gained over the years, as she has learned from the incredible students, families and staff with whom she has worked, and is always looking forward to learning more.

This year, Audrey is especially excited about furthering the ongoing initiative to integrate social- emotional learning into the fabric of the classrooms on a schoolwide level. She has observed the significant impact of learning and practicing these concepts together as a class and looks forward to continuing to develop and implement social-emotional lessons in collaboration with the other therapy departments.

Audrey holds a Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from Rutgers University, an M.A. in Applied Child Development from Tufts University, and a B.A. in Psychology from Emory University.