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Braque Hershberger: Assistant Head of School
Braque Hershberger: Assistant Head of School

After taking on emergent leadership roles throughout his nine years as Science teacher at Gillen Brewer, Braque Hershberger became the Assistant Head of School this year. With a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies from the University of Pittsburgh, a Master of Science in Education focused on Learning Disabilities from Hunter College, and his current work towards a Master of Science in Educational Administration from the College of St. Rose in Albany, he was well-prepared to interview for the position with Donna as well as with the Board of Trustees.

His success in implementing the pilot of the Measures of Academic Progress assessment program, leading the Crisis Behavior Response Team, planning and overseeing professional development, and becoming the school's Transportation Coordinator made him a natural choice for this important role. After teaching every age group and working with teachers on a wide variety of programs for a number of years, Braque has developed a broad understanding of the program. This position allows him to focus on the value that every staff member is bringing to the table.

His primary goal as Assistant Head of School will be working to strengthen integration between teachers and therapists to continue helping our students gain independence, overcome challenges, and build a foundation for lifelong learning. In light of the school's larger strategic vision, he will also work ensure that the Gillen Brewer model is replicable and operating on an efficient basis.

Braque will also be supporting teachers and therapists in the implementation of the Positive Behavioral Intervention Supports (PBIS) model, which promotes positive behavior in school and at home. This is consistent with the GBS philosophy of helping students to build behavioral and social-emotional skills in school with an emphasis on the idea that all children do well if they can. Since many of the same strategies and techniques utilized in the school setting can be applied to the home environment as well, Braque will also continue to partner with and incorporate families into team conversations to reinforce new and developing skills. Braque is excited to work more closely with our families and is looking forward to contributing his experience and knowledge in the field to support all of Gillen Brewer's students.