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Carnegie Hall Musical Explorers Virtual Field Trip
Carnegie Hall Musical Explorers Virtual Field Trip

In music class, our School-Age students have been participating in the Musical Explorers program from Carnegie Hall. The curriculum is designed to build fundamental music skills through listening, singing, and moving to songs from around the world.

The purpose of this program both correlates to the schoolwide theme of "Different Ways to Connect or Say Hello" and Robert Kennedy's, our Music Teacher, personal mission statement of using music to connect each of our students to the world that surrounds them.

During this semester, our students were introduced to New York City-based artists who each represented a different musical genre and cultural tradition; many have reinvented these deeply rooted traditions to make them their own. We focused on two of the three traditions available: Georgian Folk and South African Zulu.

Typically, the culminating event of this program is a field trip to Carnegie Hall to attend a concert with students from other New York City schools. Due to the pandemic, we have been provided with a pre-recorded virtual concert. All classes involved will take a virtual field trip to Carnegie Hall and create a communal experience with the atmosphere of a concert in their respective rooms. Teachers will provide a slideshow on concert day that simulates transportation to Carnegie Hall. Students are encouraged to wear their Gillen Brewer shirts as they would on any other field trip. Check out photos on Instagram!

During the week leading up to the concert, videos were shared of the artists explaining the songs, showing the accompanying movements, and demonstrating how to pronounce the lyrics.

The concert video will be made available to all families after the students have seen it with their peers so that it can be enjoyed together at home!