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Our Partnership with Chickenshed Theatre
Our Partnership with Chickenshed Theatre

Gillen Brewer is excited to partner with Chickenshed Theatre for a Showcase Performance. Chickenshed is the United Kingdom's renowned inclusive theater program which will be coming to NYC. Gillen Brewer shares and supports Chickenshed's mission of eliminating the stigma of difference and labeling, while celebrating the "specialness" in each person through inclusivity, equity, and access through the Arts.

About Chickenshed Theatre

For more than 40 years, the UK's renowned Chickenshed Theatre Company has brought together children and youth of all abilities and backgrounds to create vibrant new musical theater and imaginative performing arts experiences. From toddlers on up, Chickenshed's inclusive methodology focuses on the strength of each person's individual abilities and learning styles to make great stories happen and to create the kind of inclusive world in which we would all like to live.

Our April 26 Showcase Performance caps a week-long residency by Chickenshed's top British practitioners; they were invited by our local team of volunteers to introduce Chickenshed's brand of inclusive theater and exchange ideas with American children, artists and educators. The Showcase Performance at Symphony Space will feature local children who will demonstrate what they have learned in just four workshop rehearsals.