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Founded in 1992, The Gillen Brewer School (GBS) is one of the few schools in New York City dedicated to transforming the lives of young children with a wide variety of language, emotional, developmental and learning disabilities. The school specializes in educating children with challenging, and often multiple disabilities including language-based and non-verbal learning disabilities.

Gillen Brewer is one of the only schools that works with children beginning at the pre-school level who have multiple disabilities. The school embodies a comprehensive and thoughtful approach that sets the school apart and which includes a particular set of distinguishing factors. We pride ourselves on our mission of making a difference one child and family at a time.

Gillen Brewer employs a rigorous, 12-month curriculum that incorporates the New York State Common Core standards, while adhering to an individual learning program that meets the educational needs of each student. The Pre-School Program serves children 2.8-5 years old and the School-Age Program serves children 5-10 who are classified as either learning disabled, emotionally disturbed, speech impaired and other health impaired.

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