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Private Special Education Preschool Elementary School Near Me: Gillen Brewer School

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Gillen Brewer School’s facility, The Henry B. Schacht Learning Center, provides a state-of-the-art space designed to meet the needs of children with sensory and learning issues.

We are an allergy-aware facility composed of:

  • 10 Classrooms
  • SMART Boards in School-Age Classrooms
  • 10 Therapy Rooms
  • 2 Sensory Gyms
  • Library
  • Art Studio
  • Music/Multipurpose Room
  • Rooftop Playground
  • Nurse’s Office


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Does Gillen Brewer employ teachers with specialized training in special education?

A: The school focuses on students with language-based and non-verbal learning disabilities, so it's likely they have qualified staff in these areas. However, you can confirm this by contacting the school.

Q: How can I learn more about the Gillen Brewer School philosophy and approach to education?

A: The website likely has a section on the school's philosophy or you can contact the school directly


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