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Private Special Education Preschool Elementary School Near Me: Gillen Brewer School

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Mission & Position Statement

Mission Statement

The Gillen Brewer School’s mission is to educate and support our students to become confident, independent, and engaged learners.

We do this by:

  • Partnering with our families
  • Providing a nurturing and supportive environment where children feel accepted and where learning is fun
  • Encouraging our students to advocate for themselves while being respectful and responsible members of the community
  • Engaging our students in a comprehensive 12-month academic curriculum which incorporates the Common Core New York State Standards, while addressing the individual learning needs of each child
  • Providing developmentally appropriate educational opportunities and challenges for our students
  • Integrating speech and language, occupational therapy and counseling services into our educational program
  • Cultivating educators who value a team approach and an ongoing commitment to learning
  • Moving children to a less restrictive educational setting when appropriate

Position Statement

We are defined by a commitment to our students,
and inspired by their determination.
Each of them is remarkable.

Learning and growing in a secure and nurturing environment,
they develop the skills necessary to overcome challenges.
They learn from us, but we also learn from them.

Listening and observing, encouraging and teaching,
we work closely with their families to instill self-confidence
and build a strong foundation for lifelong independence.
We view their future with unwavering optimism.

We are The Gillen Brewer School
Uncovering the Specialness In Every Child ™