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Advice from the Alumni Panel

The 2019 Alumni Panel

Advice from the 2018 Alumni Panel included:

  • It’s hard speaking when you meet new people, but don’t let that discourage you because there are a lot of people to help you.
  • Have confidence in yourself
  • Listen in your classes and do your homework and behave— don’t follow kids who are not behaving
  • Be yourself and have faith in yourself
  • Try to follow the rules and do well in school
  • Give it a chance!
  • Don’t be mean.
  • Say "hey, what's your name?" and talk to people to make new friends
  • Use humor
  • Be yourself and you’ll be fine

Advice from the 2017 Alumni Panel

In June 2017, nine alumni came back to Gillen Brewer to address a full room of current students, parents, and alumni parents. They shared their own experiences and answered questions from students and parents, on topics such as making friends, sports, clubs, and managing first-day anxiety. Each panelist was also asked to give a piece of advice to moving-on students, and here are some of their pearls of wisdom:

  • Choose friends that you think are good people and good influences.
  • Be yourself.
  • Be independent.
  • Do not be scared of the unknown.
  • Make your own choices.
  • Be friendly. Go up to someone and say hi, even if you're shy.
  • Be yourself and don't worry about what other people think.
  • Be calm.
  • If you make a mistake or get angry, let it go as much as you can.