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Private Special Education Preschool Elementary School Near Me: Gillen Brewer School

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Special Funds

Smiling Bauti's Fund
Smiling Bauti’s Fund will help to cover the cost of educating each child. This enables us to accomplish our mission of making a difference for each child and ensures that we can continue to provide a well-rounded education to a diverse community of learners from all socioeconomic backgrounds. Giving children the opportunity to learn in an environment that celebrates their unique personalities and learning needs is our goal and Smiling Bauti’s Fund will make this possible for children who otherwise would not have this experience.

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The Danny Fiddle Arts Enrichment Fund
The purpose of The Danny Fiddle Arts Enrichment Fund is to create community-based opportunities for Gillen Brewer students to participate in arts-related programs and curriculum that will enhance their studies and participation in community life. It is the hope of Danny’s family that students for many years will enjoy stimulating and educational opportunities in community arts endeavors just as Danny did as a Gillen Brewer student.

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The Mariana S. Leighton Library Fund
This fund was established in memory of our beloved Board member, colleague and mentor, and supports the school library. Mariana S. Leighton was a highly respected professional educator in the New York community and beyond, serving as a source of educational leadership and advice for many. Throughout her career Mariana’s focus was always on the children. She was continually the “go to” person by parents of students in many schools for advice on schooling and sometimes parenting. When Chairman Henry Schacht requested her involvement with Gillen Brewer, it was almost a forgone conclusion that Mariana would want to contribute to a school that helped children with learning issues. A library serving to help all children to learn could only be a fond wish of hers.