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Parents' Association

Families are an active part of our community and culture. Parents and grandparents are invited to join classes on field trips as well as come into the classroom as guest readers and project coordinators. With the help of the Parents’ Association the school hosts a variety of at-school and out-of-school events to bring the community together including:

  • Annual Benefit
  • Grandparents’ Day
  • Fall Family Fun Day
  • Winter Family Fun Day
  • VIP Day
  • Sibling Workshops
  • Annual Art and Science Exhibits
  • Musical Performances
  • Screen Free Week: Teachers, students and families work together to come up with fun ways to lessen our dependence on TV and other electronic devices and increase family time.

In true Gillen Brewer spirit, every Gillen Brewer parent is a member of the school's Parents' Association. The Parents' Association is led by three co-chairs and a leadership team of committee chairs. A group of ten parent volunteers act as Class Representatives (one for each class), providing significant services for the school including assistance with programmatic initiatives and fundraising activities.

2018-2019 Parents' Association Leadership:

  • PA Co-Chairs: Carrie Paden Rengifo, Jessica Held, and Wendy Katz-Rapp
  • Benefit Co-Chairs: Claudine O’Rourke & Dara Ramboyong
  • Merchandise Co-Chairs: Lisa Markowski, Jen Chakravorty, Davina Figeroux
  • Class Reps:
    • Jeanne's Class, the Twisters: Jessica Bressler
    • Carly's Class, the Cha Cha Slides: Anne Mileto
    • Alex's Class, the Robots: Jen Chakravorty
    • Emmy's Class, the Hip Hoppers: Deirdre Latour
    • Ashley's Class, the Shuffles: Leigh Penner and Eleonore Koulajian
    • Sabrina's Class, the Worms: Melissa Michelini
    • Rebecca/Marissa's Class, the Hokey Pokeys: Anna McMichael-Kane and Grace Chu
    • Michelle's Class, the Break Dancers: Jodi Goldman
    • Hannah's Class, the Flossers: Dara Ramboyong
    • Linda's Class, the Discos: Serena Castellano