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Private Special Education Preschool Elementary School Near Me: Gillen Brewer School

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Speech and Language Therapy in NYC

The Speech-Language Pathology Department is dedicated to facilitating the children’s communication skills across all settings. We strive to provide quality speech and language services to enable our children to become functional and independent communicators within our school community and beyond.

Our department consists of New York State licensed speech-language pathologists who have extensive training in several treatment models (e.g., PROMPT, Dr. Greenspan’s Floortime, Dr. Prizant’s SCERTS, Augmentative Communication, Hanen Centre’s parent training). We serve children with a variety of speech-language delays in areas that include expressive/receptive language, pragmatics, articulation, oral motor planning and phonemic awareness. Cognitive-linguistic delays are addressed by providing support in academic content areas (e.g., reading comprehension, writing skills). We follow the Gillen Brewer team approach by consistently collaborating with teachers and other therapists to facilitate successful communication in both academic and social settings. In addition to individual and small group therapy sessions, we often join the classroom to target speech-language goals through group activities (e.g., Sounds in Motion, pragmatic groups).

We strongly believe that parents play a crucial role in the progress of their children’s speech-language development. Throughout the year, we hold workshops to discuss how strategies we use to promote language development can be reinforced in the home setting. We engage in frequent contact with our parents so that when specific goals have been achieved in school, families are able to support our students in generalizing those skills to their lives outside of the Gillen Brewer community. As we build a strong partnership with our teachers, therapists and parents, we facilitate improved communication across all settings.