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The School-Home Partnership

Gillen Brewer's unwavering commitment to each family is a cornerstone of The Family Program. The School's philosophy is founded on the belief that changing the life of a child can only be achieved through meeting the needs of the family as well. GBS' goal for parents is that they develop an understanding of their child and acquire the information and strategies with which they can be his/her strongest and most supportive advocate. As both mentor and partner to parents, the school strives to provide a network of resources and to develop a collaborative relationship which fosters awareness and sensitivity and enhances the progress of each individual child.

Below are some helpful resources for families to review, provided by the Director of The Family Program. Current GBS families are encouraged to visit the parent portal for more in-depth resources and communications.

Screen-Free Week

Here at Gillen Brewer, Screen-Free Week is a time to reconnect as a community of learners and focus on being “present,” without the distraction that can sometimes come from screens and the overuse of technology. In celebration of Screen-Free Week, there will be many fun activities planned in the classrooms and outdoors. We hope you also take the time to participate at home in various screen-free activities. Some suggestions are listed below:

Screen-Free Time Out
Best Playgrounds

In-House Resources

Outside Resources

"After almost 30 years of experience in this field, what I know for certain is that the greatest successes we have had with our students have come from a close partnership with our families. These partnerships flourish when family involvement, participation, communication, follow through, and alignment of realistic goals are shared. This may be a tall order, but our students need and deserve this level of commitment from all of the adults in their lives. The family/school partnership can be transformational for all of us." -- Donna Kennedy, Head of School