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Our Partnership with Chickenshed Theatre

Gillen Brewer is excited to partner with Chickenshed Theatre, the United Kingdom's renowned inclusive theater program which will be coming to NYC. We invite you to attend the Showcase Performance on April 26th, which will feature 10 Gillen Brewer students along with other students across the city. Come and witness what this amazing theater is all about. You must RSVP for tickets to the event. See you there!

Spring Break!

Gillen Brewer will be closed for Spring Break from Friday, March 30th- Friday, April 6th. School resumes Monday, April 9th.

NYC Children's Theater presents FIVE!

New York City Children's Theater visited GBS to present FIVE! a multi-media musical about the five senses and the five boroughs of New York City. Students got to meet a puppet named Piper, who received a sensory badge each time he learned about a new sense. They experimented with objects to hear, touch, and smell as they took a journey throughout our city. View photos here.

The Snapdragons Present: The Amazing Circus!

The Snapdragons designed, built, and filmed a circus performance in art class based on the work of artist Alexander Calder. The students came up with a concept for their circus character (acrobat, ringmaster, stunt person, tightrope walker, juggler, etc) and designed a costume on a wooden mannequin. We built sets from found objects and painted backgrounds depicting a big top and audience members. The Snapdragons then created a stop-motion film showing their circus in motion. It was a great project in collaboration, communication, and problem-solving. See their amazing circus!

Stop Motion Commotion

The Baseball Plants and the Pitcher Plants are learning about stop motion animation in art. Following an in-school dance workshop and field trip to see Ailey II perform, each student created a wire armature and used clay, aluminum foil, fabric, yarn, and trims to create a character. The students worked together in pairs: one student moving the character a little bit at a time with their hands while the other student took a photo of each position. In the end, each student had a series of images of their character creating a different dance move and by playing these still pictures very quickly, their character is in motion! View their stop motion animation videos!